What follows is a narrow selection of points of New Orleans interest, weird research and time-wasters to make your visit to our fair city that much better, plus some random stuff to add to the wonderful texture of this short life. Because the best defense to boredom is a good offense (comprised of a willingness to experience amazement and imbibe stiff drinks, naturally).


New Orleans might be one of the only cities in America where the locals actually KNOW some of the history of their locality. A cheerful sort of narcissism is a common trait in town, and its justified. If you dont hate it here, you love it with a passion and you like telling folks about how special it really is. With that in mind, click on the links below to school yourself in the basic legends and history of New Orleans and its neighborhoods and its traditions.

But remember: reading is no substitute for on the ground experience. No one likes a know-it-all pedant.


Spending your life in one bar would be idiotic when youve got so many awesome ones to choose from. The R Bar is, of course, our favorite bar, but it cant be all things at all times to everybody. We like to make the rounds and see our favorite bartenders all over the city and revel in the differences: Drink specials! Different jukeboxes! New ladies and gentlemen who dont know our exes! Strange new bathroom graffiti! All of which make life amusing. And its not like we have to remind you, but wed be remiss if we didnt: Always tip your server.

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