La Sirena Suite

According to tales told ‘round the bar, a Sicilian friend of Dulli’s was taking a tour of the hotel and when he saw the excellent stained glass mermaid window in this room he turned to Greg and said, “Greg, you should call this room ‘La Sirena’ — that is how we call the fish woman in my native country.” But he probably said it with a slick, panty-dropping Italian accent. At any rate, we took the Sicilian’s excellent advice and stuck with the mermaid theme. La Sirena is located at the top of the Inn, which means you’ll get a little bit of exercise (but not too much) hoofing it up some stairs. Just imagine you’re crashing in a wizard’s rooftop aerie/bachelor pad and you’ll be fine. The wickedest attic you’ll ever stay in, especially when you take the luxury open plan bathroom into consideration. That’s right: open plan bathroom. Freaky and interesting all at the same time. We’re crazy architecture cultists down here. If you’re at all uptight about your body, this might not be the room for you. But if you’re free and easy with what good lord gave you, then by all means be our guest.


  • King platform bed
  • Open plan bathroom with step-in shower
  • Sofa and two easy chairs
  • Lovely stained glass window with a mermaid in it
  • 36″ HDTV/DVD player
  • iPod dock
  • Cable
  • WiFi
  • A/C
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